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 It is our view that an ongoing commitment to discipleship should be a part of everyone’s life regardless of your experience and level of understanding.  We want you to get involved with us and grow through discipleship. 

Here's how you can do it. 

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We have many opportunities to worship and volunteer to help you grow through discipleship. 

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Steps to Discipleship


 This step is where individuals will connect with God and with other believers through weekly corporate worship experience. By exalting God, we create an atmosphere for believers to connect with God. This happens every Sunday morning at 9:00 am - Sunday Life Studies and 11:00 am - Worship Experience and every Wednesday at 6:00 pm - iBelieve Bible Study,


This step is where people get planted into the church through a new membership orientation session. It is our goal to equip believers with foundational principles as it relates to the church and their walk with the Lord. Contact our Pastor of Congregational Care, Pastor Evelyn Morris, to schedule your session. 


 Here, members will learn how to follow Christ’s example of evangelizing the lost and how to tell their story in order to win people to Christ. Members may learn through Life Studies classes each Sunday at 9:00 am and Dividing Truth School of Ministry on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. 


 This is where individuals will grow through discipleship and kingdom group sessions. Here, believers will further discover their personal and spiritual gifts to enable the body and our local church. This step is ongoing via our small group sessions. 


 By serving, members will utilize their personal and spiritual understanding, to develop their relationships, serve in a ministry and/or be a part of outreach service opportunities. This step is also ongoing. 

Opportunities to Worship


Intercessory Prayer – 8:45 am

Sunday Life Studies - 9:00 am

Ministerial Roundup – 10:15 am

Inspirational Word – 10:30 am 

Intercessory Prayer – 10:45 am

Morning Worship – 11:00 am

Communion/Men’s Day-1st Sunday 

Family Day/Women’s Day – 2nd Sunday

Social Action/Young Adults – 3rd Sunday

Youth Sunday- 4th Sunday 

Super Sunday – 4/5th Sunday


Intercessory Prayer – 6:00 pm

iBELIEVE Bible Study – 6:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal – 8:00 pm

Praise Team Rehearsal – 8:45 pm 

Education and Empowerment*


Dividing Truth School of Ministry – 6:30 pm


Prayer and Worship – 7 am

Evangelism – 10 am (3rd Saturdays)

*All sessions are open to the public

Volunteer Opportunities

Impact Ministries

Christian Education

Deaconess Ministry


Elder’s Council



Intercessory Prayer

Marriage Ministry

Media Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Ministerial Alliance

Mother’s Ministry

Music Ministry

Pastor Care


Theatrical Arts

Ushers/ Greeters

Women’s Ministry

Youth & Young Adult 



Altar Worship


Building Management


Collegiate Ministry


Dividing Truth School of Ministry

Leadership Training Institute


Ministry of Transportation

New Members

Nurse Ministry



Sunday School