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Boys to Men Mentoring Program

"Boys To Men," a mentoring Academy, is program that is designed to help boys become strong, spiritual, confident and successful young men.
Our program encompasses (7) Core Pillars that are essential for boys to develop into well-rounded individuals.

1st PILLAR- Firstly, our biblical curriculum provides a solid foundation for boys to develop a more intimate relationship with God, deepen their understanding of The Word of God, while learning about the values and principles that guide a meaningful life. Our program teaches boys to be godly, compassionate, kind, and empathetic towards others, helping them to become valuable members of their community.
The program will also encourage mentor-guided reflective journaling to measure spiritual growth and empathy.

2nd PILLAR- Secondly, our life skills program focuses on practical skills that boys will need as they transition into adulthood. From basic cooking and household management to advanced problem-solving and decision-making skills, our program prepares boys for the challenges of the future.
Success in this pillar will be gauged by each boy's ability to demonstrate competency in selected skills and their progress in problem-solving tasks.

3rd PILLAR- Thirdly, our academic program emphasizes the importance of education and helps boys excel in their studies. With tutoring, study groups, and mentorship, our program provides the academic support that boys need to achieve their full potential.
We'll measure academic improvement using each boy's grades and progress towards their individual academic goals.

4th PILLAR- Fourthly, our sports program provides a healthy outlet for boys to channel their energy, develop physical fitness, and learn teamwork and sportsmanship.
We'll assess improvement in physical fitness and cooperative skills through performance in these events and activities.

5th PILLAR- Fifthly, our social skills program helps boys develop positive relationships with peers and adults. Through group activities, discussions, and mentorship, our program teaches boys effective communication, conflict resolution, and social awareness.
Assessment will be based on the observed improvements in their interactions with peers and adults.

6th PILLAR- Sixthly, our financial literacy program teaches boys the value of money and how to manage their finances responsibly. From budgeting and saving to investing and entrepreneurship, our program equips boys with the knowledge and skills they need to build a secure financial future.
Financial literacy will be measured by the boys' ability to manage simulated budgets and their understanding of financial concepts.

7th PILLAR- Lastly, our entrepreneurship program teaches boys how to turn their passions and ideas into successful businesses. From marketing and sales to financial management and leadership, our program provides the resources and support boys need to launch their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs.
Success will be measured by the feasibility of their business plans, and their understanding of entrepreneurship concepts.

Personal Mentoring & Psychological Support: Each boy will be matched with a dedicated mentor, with relationships being cultivated through regular one-on-one sessions. The program will also incorporate mental health support through access to counselors and mental health workshops.
Success will be gauged by observing improvements in the boys' mental health, self-confidence, and the quality of the mentor-mentee relationships.

Each boy's journey in the "Boys to Men" Mentoring Academy will be unique, guided by these comprehensive pillars. With our metrics of success, we will ensure their growth into successful men of character and purpose in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Within "Boys to Men," Mentoring Academy, we believe that every boy has the potential to become a successful and confident young man. With our comprehensive program, boys will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment. Join us and give your son the tools he needs to become a successful man of character and purpose.

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